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Your Breasts Stretch Up To 15cms With Age. This Is How To Stop It

Our breasts are destined to stretch up to 15cms as we age. Gravity inevitable takes effect in our 30s pulling the nipples down by 1-2cms! Pass the tissue.

According to Esther Labi, the bra whisperer and founder of online store Storm in a D Cup, there is one easy way to minimise the sag later in life, today, and that is to always wear a sports bra!

Basically, sport bras are the secret to supporting your breasts, using abundant padding designed to reduce bounce (read: alarm bells) – bounce is the culprit behind stretch marks, pain and strain, and saggy breasts.

“In a nutshell, a normal bra has more lycra in it, which means it has more stretch in it and will feel comfortable on your body when you wear it all day. A sports bra has very limited stretch to stop your breasts from moving around, in the cups, the back, and the straps,” explains Labi.

“The more lycra in it, the more stretch and less support. That’s why if a bra is stretchy, it’s suitable for low impact sports, like yoga and pilates (some people like to wear these as an everyday bra). As the stretch gets more limited, you have bras that are suitable for fast walking and small bouts of high impact and then very limited stretch in real high impact sports bras.” Features you should look for in a sports bra include:

Wide, padded straps to soften the impact on your shoulders.

Padded hook and eye section, and underwire to minimise chaffing.

No seams on the inside of the cup so your nipples aren’t irritated during long endurance sessions.

A good quality sports bra is twice as effective at reducing bounce as a normal bra, reducing breast bounce by up to 78% as opposed to just 38% by a normal bra.

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