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A Touch Of Lipstick

Generally, women love to draw attention with their sense of fashion and one part of their body which draws much attention is their painted lips.

Besides, lipstick is something that women have that men don’t.

Lipstick draws attention to the lips and makes them stand out. Some love to wear lipsticks to prevent their lips from being dried or cracked while others just love to paint their lips to complement their dressing.

In the past, you only find women wearing hot red lipsticks or brown but today you find ladies wearing yellow, mint green, purple, pink, blue, white, orange and many other colors.

The first reported use of lipstick goes way back to 3500 B.C. when the queen of ancient Sumeria used white lead and crushed red rocks to colour her lips.

Men and women of Egypt used lipstick as a status symbol. Women in ancient Greece often wore red lipstick.

The use of lipstick was even criticised by the church in the middle ages, but trendsetters like Queen Elizabeth wore a mixture of cochineal, egg whites, gum Arabic and milk.

Some people in the past times believed lipstick had magical properties and could also prevent illness or death.

Indeed, lipstick is a cosmetic product but does serve a purpose beyond looking pretty—many of them do condition and protect the fragile skin on the lips.

There are various types of lipsticks you can go for. They include moisturising lipsticks, Satin and Sheer lipsticks, Matte lipstick, Cream lipsticks, Pearl and Frosted lipstick, Gloss lipstick, long wearing and transfer resistant lipsticks, among others.


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