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Africa’s Top Shot: Flowers, Flamingos And Flair

Africa’s week in pictures: 12-18 February 2021

A selection of the week’s best photos from across the continent:

Feeding flamingos are reflected in the waters of Lake Magadi, in Kenya’s Rift Valley, on Friday. Credit: Reuters


On the same day, gold miners wait backstage at an event in Mali… Credit: AFP


The show is part of the gold-producing nation’s newly launched International Gold Fair. Credit: AFP


Also on Friday, vendors sell roses of all colours in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, ahead of Valentine’s Day… Credit: EPA



It’s a similar scene the next day in Uganda’s capital, Kampala. Credit: AFP


In Tripoli’s Martyrs Square on Wednesday, Libyans mark the 10th anniversary of the Arab Spring, which led to the ousting of Col Muammar Gaddafi. Credit: Getty Images


In eastern Libya on Friday, a man readies a horse for sale at auction. Credit: AFP


Source: BBC

Classic Ghana

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