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Ashanti Region: 20 Nigerian Sex Workers Deported Since January 2019 – Immigration Service

A total of 20 Nigerian sex workers in the Ashanti Region have been repatriated since the beginning of 2019.

About 50 foreign nationals engaging in illegal and suspicious business activities within areas in the region have also been sent back to their countries.

The Assistant Commissioner of the Ghana Immigration Service in the Ashanti Region, Micheal Kwadade disclosed this at a news conference organised by the Ashanti Regional Security Council to brief journalists on the security situation in the region.

“This year, we have repatriated about 20 Nigerian prostitutes, we have also repatriated about 50 foreigners who were employees of QNet. Security is a shared responsibility so when people see suspicious foreigners in their communities they have to alert us,” he said.

The numbers reported in his disclosure adds to the tall list of foreigners deported from Ghana for various reasons including engaging in illegal business and illegal stay in the country.

The Ashanti Regional Minister, Simon Osei Mensah who was also at the event expressed regret over the growing rate of sex work in the region which he said involved minors.

“Those who are arrested, you do find minors. Some [of them] are below 16-years; some around 14, 15 years all indulging in such illegal activity,” he said, adding that residents must stop patronizing the services of commercial sex workers to help stop the act.

He further called on residents to be quick in reporting crime to enable the appropriate security agencies to deal with such situations without complications.

“When a crime is committed, as soon as possible get to the nearest police station or call the police. If you delay and the culprit gets outside the jurisdiction of Ashanti [Region], it becomes more difficult. If the person is within the Ashanti Region you have one single command that is giving instruction but if it gets into another region, the regional commander here has to link up with his colleague there and it becomes more difficult.”


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