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European Union, Plastic Punch embark on cleanup exercise to raise awareness

The World Health Organization (WHO) in 2019 calls for a reduction in plastic pollution to benefit the environment and reduce human exposure. Many countries around the world are fighting to end the menace of plastic pollution in the ocean.


In Ghana, the story of plastic pollution is not different from others as the country struggle to save and protect the environment from this menace.


Plastic Punch is a non-profit organization aimed at protecting the coastal environment from plastic waste. This initiative from Plastic Punch is helping to raise awareness of the danger pollution posses to our Coastal areas.


The European Union of Ghana and Plastic Punch, on 26th September, 2020, organized a beach cleanup exercise at Regional Maritime University, to raise awareness for the general public to know the importance of protecting our coastal line from plastic pollution.


The event was organized by Plastic Punch and was funded by the European Union of Ghana. This is an annual event which takes place every year to educate the public about coastal pollution.
The European Union of Ghana ambassador, H.E Diana Acconcia, said the European Union stands with Ghana on a mission to achieve a safe environment for the citizens.


A staff of Plastic Punch also mentioned that, if we manage our plastic waste well, our beaches will be clean and we wouldn’t see plastic waste anymore.

Both staffs of European Union and Plastic Punch including numerous volunteers took part in the beach cleanup exercise.

The European Union ambassador was grateful for the support shown by the volunteers who were there for the beach cleanup exercise and hope that the beach will be clean without walking into plastic.


By Francis Quasie

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