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Excessive Use Of Artificial Spies Can Cause Heart Related Diseases- Dietitian

Most Ghanaians have developed an appetite for fast foods due to the busy nature of their work schedules.

But there are reports that majority of these fast food vendors lace the food with high proportions of artificial spices which contain chemicals such as sodium, sodium glutamate and mono-sodium to enhance its taste.

Some Health Experts say consumption of these chemicals poses varying health risks.

Speaking to Radio Ghana’s Eugenia Asumedu Sakyi, Principal Dietician at the Trust Hospital, Wise Letsa said consuming large quantities of sodium food causes high blood pressure and other non-communicable diseases. He, therefore, advised the public to use natural spices and eat the artificial ones moderately.

Mr. Letsa suggested that research be conducted to determine the potential health effects of consuming sodium in food such as those found in spices.

Meanwhile, the Food and Drugs Authority has refuted claims that the use of spices and other food products containing Mono-Sodium glutamates, MSG is harmful.

Speaking to Radio,Ghana Head of Food Industrial Support Services Department of the Authority, Ebenezer Kofi Essel explained that the allegation that the consumption of MSG is to blame for the spate of high blood pressure, kidney failures and heart diseases is not backed by any scientific evidence.


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