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From Italy To Ghana’s Jungle: The Life Of Joshua Asiedu

Joshua Kwaku Asiedu
Imagine living in a space where nature wakes you up with birds chirping, and sun shine permeating through window to announce day break.


Imagine the ideal life of living happily devoid of hefty bills: talk of rent, water, electricity and others.


Surviving on juicy fresh fruits and vegetables you don’t even have to buy.


Joshua Kwaku Asiedua indeed is living the life. He made a choice to live in a forest in Ghana away from the crowded and noisy cities and retierates its the best decision ever!


Joshua was born and raised in the Northern part of Italy by his Ghanaian father and Italian mother. He schooled in Italy till age  20 where he embarked on a journey to understand nature and life better.


Sharing his story to Wode Maya (A Youtuber) on moving from Italy to one of  Ghana’s forest, he said he had already travelled to Greece and London and wanted to get closer to nature hence his decision to settle in Ghana.


While on his journey, he worked in Europe for some time.
During his trips, Joshua considered cycling or walking the best option to move around instead of boarding a bus or airplane. He had always wanted to live with indigenous people and have the feel of that life.


One of his walking and cycling escapades nearly got him killed.


His escapades drew him closer to natural and indigenous living that he began to detest the Western way of life.
Joshua  then decided to go back to pre-colonial life because as he would find out, the Western way of living is not best for him.


“Western and European life is a result of colonization and exploitation of resources from indigenous people, mainly Africa”. “Being with the western life means trying to be with this exploitation from the west, so I need to look into the mirror and choose where I want to be and this is where I want to be”.


“I don’t want to live this conventional life anymore, the western life is not for me”.
He went on an expedition to North and South America, Patagonia and different places in the world but nothing satisfied his curiosity


After his expedition and in Italy, his father told him about a land their forefathers left for them in Ghana.


Joshua then took a flight to Ghana to inquire about the land his father mentioned.


After he arrived in Ghana, his Uncle took him around to different parts of Ghana and even  showed  him the family land.
He eventually settled in a forest in the Eastern Region of Ghana surrounded by nature.


He said “I came here to open a safe place for people in the Diaspora and visitors from the western world who are willing to change something about their life”.


Joshua lives in a tent in the forest and when asked whether he is cool with it, he said “this is sweeter than a mango”.
The rainy season proves a bit of a problem since  he lives in a tent.


He has a playing ground and the youth in the nearby community usually come around to play and help in his farm.
When asked whether his father is happy about the life he has chosen, he said his father believes in the generation who can go abroad and make it, and also happy for him that he is taking care of the land their ancestors left for them.


Joshua is building a house for a retreat program in the forest for visitors who will come and integrate western life into the rural life and learn from the ways of the indigenous people.


It will be a 7-day retreat program where they will learn from the indigenous local community of our rich heritage.
During the retreat, local women will lead numerous workshops as they teach participants on herbal medicines, art of cooking, pottery and the way of life in the community.
Joshua said after colonization by the West, the indigenous people believe everything coming from the  West is the best, be it clothing, shoes, hairstyling, skin color and so on.


With this retreat program, he hopes to change the mindset of the local people to appreciate what they have in Africa and erase the idea that the best comes  from the West.


He further said, “Africa doesn’t need any help, people need to respect Africa for what Africa is, the Mother of humanity”. “Heaven started in Africa and Africa is heaven”.


He advised young Africans in the Diaspora to connect to their root and shouldn’t be Afraid to come ‘home’ , though Africa has been portrayed in a negative way.


“Africa is a rich place on earth and diasporians should connect to their own richness and wealth, come back to the continent and connect to nature”.
Although Joshua has lived in opulence in Italy and other places of attraction around the world, he seems so happy at his new environment evidenced by the exciting videos he shares on his Instagram page.


Joshua has been in Ghana for some years but never stated how long in the interview.
“Whatever is in your heart just follow your dream and passion and never regret, though there will be challenges and failure, it’s part of the journey to your passion, ” he urged.


By Francis Quasie
Classic Ghana

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