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Ghanaian Designer SakiCole Presents Her Summery SS20 Collection Titled ‘OBAA 2020’

SakiCole is a womenswear fashion brand based in Ghana known for creating beautiful contemporary fashion, with a high taste of elegance. Their works can mainly be found on their instagram and facebook page.

Although the designer may not well clued on the use of seasonal terms such as SS and AW, it seems she still managed to impress us with a fabulous set of floral summery style outfits within their SS20 collection titled OBAA 2020.

The collection embodies and beautiful set of white gowns modeling by Ghanaian fashion model Julee. According to the designer the collection is ‘simply about having the freedom to express yourself. Being whatever kind of woman you want to be’

Each outfit is beholding to a Ghanaian female day name of the Akan/Twi language. ie. Afua, Akusoa etc. The collection is still being uploaded to the instagram account, however, see these lovely outfits below straight off the designers instagram page.


Source: Fashion Ghana

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