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Ghanaian Self-Made Millionaire Cheddar Donates Lockdown Relief Items To The Needy

Nana Kwame Bediako aka Cheddar, a self-made millionaire, has extended his generosity to the street.

Cheddar who now goes by the name Freedom Jacob Ceasar, amidst the lock down being enforced by the Government in Accra, Tema and some parts of Kumasi, decided to share some items to people who may have a challenge in buying food as most businesses have halted.

Speaking during the donation exercise which happened at Ghana’s Independence Square, the real estate business mogul, said: “We are not that rich like the western world, I know some people will find it very hard to eat, so I decided to come the street to the less privileged areas and those who don’t have any hope to buy food, have money for the next two weeks, I share my little with them”.

The millionaire who once disclosed he made a million pounds at age 21 by selling scraps, added that “I understand what we are going through and I pray that God will not let this disease take over our country but in the next two weeks I pray everybody gets something to eat”.

The items the millionaire donated under his Freedom Movement included bags of rice, cooking oil and others which he personally helped in distributing to the people.


Source: Pulse Ghana

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