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‘Governance Expert’ Yvonne Nelson Diagnose Ghana’s Problems, Proffers Solutions

Yvonne Nelson

Actress, Yvonne Nelson seems to be well abreast with the problems facing Africa as a continent and especially Ghana.

The actress has always complained about the various governments across Africa on the lives of their citizens and the fact that they are not enjoying the ‘national cake’.

She has always insisted that the continent is enslaved although on paper it is independent of colonial control.

In a series of tweets, the actress who is a known activist poured her heart out about the failures of African leaders and the fact that the continent has failed its people.

She said, “Africa, they bring us up not to speak, not to create, they use the word ‘respect’ to control us even when we know they are wrong, a young person is never right! Whiles the world is creating, inventing and giving younger ones the platforms, they still spend millions on independence celebrations when we are still slaves! We control nothing! They are still controlling us! We cant think for ourselves,” she said.

“Creating opportunities for all Ghanaians … incentives for the youth to start businesses! How can a kid in a village, who has to walk, cross a river and walk again to get to school (under a tree, no chairs) with no breakfast have a sound mind to invent anything?,” she quizzed.

“This is gonna be tough here! What we are seeing on social media isn’t whats happening out there. People are actually out! Still in crowded places … well, they have to eat … some cant stop working. They wont have food on their tables! Sigh,” she concluded.



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