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How To Deal With Hyper-Pigmentation

Hyper-pigmentation is a skin condition where there are dark areas  caused by increased production of melanin. The most common type of hyper-pigmentation is post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation. This usually occurs when a skin injury heals  and leaves a flat area of discolouration behind. Most times, people who suffer from acne are the major victims.

So how do you treat Hyper-pigmentation?

  • You should wear sunscreen daily. Hypigmentation gets worse with exposure to increased sunrays. Use sunscreens that contain either zinc oxide or titanium dioxide . Invest in foundation  or moisturiser with SPF content to protct your skin.
  • Use skin care products rich in face acids. whenever you exfoliate with face acid, new skin cells take over from old ones. For face acids, go for the ones that have alpha hydroxy acids such as glycolic, lactic, citric, malic or tartaric acid.
  • Visit a dermatologist. If you tried sunscreen and face acids to no avail, go see your dermatologist for medical-grade treatments. These may include laser treatments, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and micro-needling. You never can tell , hyper-pigmentation is sometimes a symptom of an underlying body issue.

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