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‘I Was Told My Fallopian Tube Will Burst’ – Princess Shyngle On Why She Terminated Another Pregnancy

Princess Shyngle

Princess Shyngle has revealed she lost another pregnancy following some health complications.

In a post on Instagram, the Gambian born actress stated that prior to June 27, 2021, the worst day of her life, she had been expecting a baby she intended to name Angel.

However, on the said day she was rushed to the hospital after she complained of severe abdominal pain, only to be told by doctors that she had an ectopic pregnancy.

Princess Shyngle said she was informed that “if they don’t rush me in for surgery immediately my Fallopian tube will burst and I’ll have internal bleeding and die immediately. I cried, my heart was broken. I was like why me God why.”

“I called my mom immediately, we both cried and she prayed for me so I was rushed in. Woke up the next morning with the worst pain, stitches on my tummy. I couldn’t use the bathroom or even walk. I was alone all by myself, no one there for me or to take care of me, it was hard.”

The actress revealed that she had been shopping for baby and maternity clothes, planning a pregnancy shoot, a baby shower among others, anticipating the birth of her baby in December 2021 or January 2020, when the incident happened,

Princess Shyngle said the process put her in another depressive state where she found herself crying and being sad.

“But few days later I was tired of crying and being sad and depressed, so I got out of my bed, showered, put on makeup, wore a wig, wore my sexy lingerie and decided to take pictures and videos to uplift myself and it worked. I named my baby ANGEL. I would have been 6/7 months pregnant with ANGEL now. “

Princess Shyngle said she shared her story to uplift others going through such ordeal by encouraging them to not give up on themselves.

“It’s hard I know but just put your head up and be strong. It’s going to get better I promise you just put your trust in God,” she added.



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