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Kenyan MP Demands Law To Control Farting On Planes

A Kenyan MP has demanded that a law be passed to help flight crews deal with passengers battling flatulence on board.

Lilian Achieng Gogo, MP for Rangwe constituency in western Kenya, told parliament that farting passengers were increasingly becoming a security threat because of the discomfort caused to fellow travellers.

“There is one irritant that it is often ignored, and this is the level of farting within the aircraft… If this is not managed well it can cause discomfort and insecurity on board.”

The MP was contributing to a motion about amendments to a law on offences committed on aircraft.

Among her proposed reforms was one that would allow flight crews to dispense anti-flatulent drugs to passengers.

“We should have systems of the food offered onboard and we should have basic medical systems that are able to reduce the level of gas that one can exude within the flight.”

Farting was such an irritant that it could lead to fights on board between travellers, Ms Gogo explained.

“Farting is terrible within the plane.

“We should have basic provision of medicines like Eno… yes this should be done and it should be a practice that is embedded in law.”

The MP also wanted all local and international flights to have paramedics on board, as well as the amount of alcohol served to passengers checked.

“The drinking that happens in flights is terrible, it’s worse than what happens here on the ground. We should have a system where we are able to manage and control… also people’s medical history should be obtained before they are served certain alcoholic drinks for their own security.”

Source: BBC

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