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Makeup Industry Counts Cost Of COVID-19

Since the emergence of COVID-19 in Ghana, a lot has been said about its impact on the creative arts industry with the focus mainly on music, movies and events.

However, there are other sectors also feeling the effect of COVID-19, one of them is the makeup industry.

This is an industry that thrives on events; more events mean more people requesting for the services of make up artists, and the limitations on public gatherings has hit the people who show their creativity through the use of brushes and cosmetics very hard.

Makeup artists woes

Some makeup artists have been sharing their thoughts on how the coronavirus pandemic has changed their business.

Zeena Shafiu is the owner of Zees Beauty Parlour in Accra, and she told the Daily Graphic it has been a challenging time.

“Previously, we had people booking us for a lot of occasions, we were busy almost everyday and I felt good as an entrepreneur but immediately the pandemic became very serious and it was mandatory that we close the business centres, business was bad and remains so even now that the lockdown has been lifted. People are scared to even make up again,” she said.

When asked what measures she had put in place to prevent people from getting infected, she said, “currently, though I open my shop everyday with the hope of getting customers, I take the measures provided by the WHO and the government seriously. I have some of the Veronica buckets with water and soap at my entrance along with sanitisers.”

Zeena expressed the hope that life would return to normal soon. “I’m hopeful that business would be better after the complete eradication of the virus but I would be grateful if the government can assist us financially, as things have not been easy at all,” she said.

Owner of Nadark Makeup, Abigail Oduro Darko shared the same sentiments as Zeena. “When cases were recorded, I was completely broken as I no longer received bookings for events. It was even worse when all social gatherings were cancelled, my business was running at a loss.”

According to her, people’s fears of getting infected was so high that even after the lockdown was lifted customers were still scared of personal contact with makeup artists.

Abigail Darko expresses excitement that the number of wedding attendees had been increased to 100.

“Due to the number initially being 25, lots of people were not getting married in fear that they would record higher numbers and be arrested. But now that it has been increased, I am hopeful that things will change and bookings will start soon.”


Patricia Ohene of Narks Beautiria may be the exception to the stories of woe being told as she said the lockdown did not have any effect on her.

“I was not bothered because I knew it was just for a short period of time. But my fear was when the number of cases kept increasing, and it was a wake up call for me to make my preventive measures ready as soon as it was lifted.”

She added that since the lockdown was lifted, business has been good.

“I am still operating but under different rules; clients will not allow you to touch them unless you have washed your hands properly with soap under running water or sanitised your hands, and as a beauty therapist touching clients faces is one basic thing we do. I also have my gloves on every time I have to work as well as my nose mask,” she said.

Patricia expressed optimism that life would be normal soon and things would fall into place.


Source: Graphic Showbiz

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