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Money Without Recognition Pointless – Cookie

Shirley Tibilla aka Cookie

ONE of the most exciting things about the media industry, especially radio and TV, is ‘poaching’, the practice of a presenter being offered huge sums of money to join another station.

There have been some exciting times during ‘poaching’ season, with some notable names making big money moves.

However, it does not always favour everyone as some people get poached and end up becoming irrelevant, and for co-host of Starr Drive on Starr FM, Shirley Tibila, there is no point in enjoying the money while your career takes a nosedive.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz on Tuesday, October 15, Shirley, whose showbiz name is Cookie, said she would prefer to be at her current place of work than move to a new place and not make any impact.

“Everyone needs money as a way of motivation, but there is no way I will move to a new place when I know very well I will not make any impact there. What is the point of going after the money and no one hears of me again? A lot of radio presenters have made such moves and are regretting it now,” she said.

According to Cookie, who is also the host of Tales From the Powder Room on GHOne TV, what would make her move was the bigger platform she would be getting with her new station and not necessarily the money.

“Money is sometimes not everything but rather the platform you are on and the impact you make, and that has always been my motivation. I might not be around for a long time but I know where I am headed and I am, therefore, very careful who and where I want my brand to be associated with,” she said.

Cookie admitted she had had one or two media houses try to woo her, but she declined the offers because of the brand she wanted to build for herself.

The pretty presenter who has had the opportunity to host AirtelTigo FestRadio and Television Personality (RTP) Awards3Music Awards, Sarkodie’s Rapperholic launch, among others, said combining her radio and TV show with emceeing could be tiresome.

“I must confess it has not been easy combining the three, but Cookie is a hardworking lady who loves what she does. Although it sometimes becomes unbearable due to the pressure, I am able to hold it together because I am a strong woman,” she said.

Talking about Tales From the Powder Room, Cookie said the positive messages she received on a daily basis were enough motivation for her to continue doing her show.

“I have hosted Tales From the Powder Room for just a year and the positive messages I receive are amazing. I treated a topic about a young girl who had been sexually abused by her father and had two children with him.  A lot of such victims opened up about their ordeal,” she revealed.

In the next five years, Cookie says she would want Tales From the Powder Room to be the number one show in Ghana and beyond.


Source: Graphic Showbiz

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