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Stop Hating, Respect People’s ‘Hustle’ – Tracy Mireku


Tracy Mireku

THE fallout from the recent controversy that has rocked social media about some female celebrities who sleep around for money has been big.


And unlike in times past when they would have refrained from speaking on it and allowing it to blow over,  those whose names have been mentioned are fighting back.

First, it was actress Moesha Bodoung and now it is model, Tracy Mireku, who, in an interview with Showbiz last Monday, said she would not allow anyone to dent her hard won image.

The first runner-up at Miss Ghana Germany in 2013 said, “it takes a lot of work to build a brand that is respectable, so it is wrong for anyone to hide behind social media to do or say all kinds of things.

“People need to put respect on the hustle of others. Why is it that in our part of the world, the moment a lady is doing well or does well for herself, it is perceived that she sleeps around for money?” she asked.

Tracy, whose pictures were splashed all over social media as one of the girls who slept with the same man that Moesha was reported to have an affair with, said she initially decided to let it go but later reconsidered.

“I contemplated for a while whether to say something or not about these malicious allegations made against me in the last few days.

“My thoughts were if I don’t say anything, nobody can use it against me and silence is the best way to deal with a fool. The truth is I do not know the said guy personally and there is nothing that connects me to the person.

“However, if I don’t say anything to defend myself, people  might think it’s true because these days we are all blinded by the unnecessary excitement on social media, especially lies. Actually, I do not owe anyone an explanation, but this rubbish doesn’t sit well with me,” Tracy told Showbiz.

“If the person hiding behind the Snapchat account “fatp****y005 making completely false allegations against me truly has proof and knows what he or she claims to know, why hide behind social media?

“That person should be bold to show him or herself and present facts without fear or favour. After all he/she claims to know but he/she was hiding,” she added.

Tracy Mireku also blamed bloggers for not cross-checking information before publishing their stories.

“I believe bloggers, as professionals in their field, would have verified the stories before publishing but that was clearly not the case.

“All they did was publish false and unverified allegations quoting someone else. Some blogs even went as far as publishing more than 16 pictures of me along with the story, for what purpose? That was not a decent thing to do,” she said.

Tracy also debunked the rumours that she has HIV. “How can someone make up a lie that somebody has HIV without proof? That’s a very wicked rumour to spread about someone.

“Moreover he/she claims I am always at Carbon ( a nightclub located at Nyaniba Estates in Accra) in search of foreigners when, in fact, I used to work at Carbon.

“I was a manager there for two good years and that is verifiable from that establishment. Imagine if it’s your sister someone is saying all this about her, would you be happy?

Tracy Mireku ended the interview saying, “Don’t judge me by what you see on social media. You do not know me, I do not have HIV. I just want to clear the air and put a stop to this social media circus.”

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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