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The Pleasures Of Having Small Breasts

Let me tell you something my fellow ladies with itty bitty titties; men like big breasts… only in fantasy! Ask any man what his preference is and he will tell you the bigger the boobs the better. But they only say that because they are men and they think that loving large breasts is the manly thing to do. However, this doesn’t really apply in real life. Any man will be so ecstatic that you are willing to take off your bra that it won’t really matter what falls out of it.

I have never had trouble attracting and keeping men with my rather small bosom. In fact, I dare say I am luckier than most women when it comes to getting the attention of the menfolk. So, fret not ladies; when a man finds a woman he connects with, he doesn’t care whether she is an A cup or a C cup.

Here are a few more reasons why I am proud of my small titties:

Men talk to my face, not chest

I have a friend who is well-endowed in the chest department and the menfolk just can’t stop staring! Her boobs are the first thing they notice about her. When men talk to her, they shamelessly stare at her gigantic bosom. She constantly complains that men pay too much attention to her oversized breasts. Well, I am happy to say that I don’t relate at all. There isn’t much to stare at on my chest so when men talk to me, they talk to my face.

I can go braless

Ask any small chested woman and she will tell that the best advantage of having small boobs is the freedom to ditch the bra when you feel like it. Well, technically, any woman can go braless so let me rephrase that; small chested women have the freedom to go braless without causing mass hysteria. It is common knowledge that bras are uncomfortable. The best part of a woman’s day is getting home and taking it off. So, imagine if you didn’t have to wear it in the first place. I can go braless and it would hardly be noticeable. However, if my large breasted friend decided to stroll around the streets of Nairobi without a bra, there would be pandemonium!

I can wear low-cut tops without looking sleazy

There is a thin line between sexy and sleazy and large breasted women are always teetering on the edge. There aren’t many tops that they can wear without coming across as overly sexual, especially the low-cut tops. Any top with a V-neck or deep cut is a no-go zone for them unless sleazy is the look they are going for. Small chested women, on the other hand, know no such struggles. We can wear any daring outfit and still come across as sexy, rather that slutty.

Exercising is not a pain

From what I have heard, the single most annoying thing about having big breasts is having your boobs all over the place when trying to work out. I can’t even imagine the stress of trying to run. Big breasted women sometimes opt to even wear two sport bras when working out to keep their twins in place. I, on the hand, can comfortably run even without a bra!


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