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The Secret Ingredient Of Happiness In Serena Williams’ Marriage: The Simpler Things Are The Most Important

Serena Williams and Alexis are happy together. And it is the little things that make this happen more than the big things, according to Alexis. [Credit: Entertainment Today]
Her husband, Alexis Ohanian says the pricey gifts partners give each other are good, but the simple things are far more valuable.

Serena Williams and Alexis Ohanian tied the knot in 2017 shortly after the birth of their daughter, Olympia. And while their relationship has received a lot of publicity and social media hype for the huge, lavish displays of love in it, Alexis says those are really not the things that keep his relationship with the 37-year-old athlete.

“I’ve done a few things that you may have seen on social media—things that have gotten me plenty of teasing from my friends, as well as other husbands on the Internet who’ve said I’m making them look bad.

Alexis and Serena dancing into their wedding in November of 2017 [Credit: Essence]

“It started when I put up some billboards for my wife, a.k.a. the GMOAT (greatest mom of all time), to celebrate her first tournament after having our daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. I made a video showcasing her journey returning to tennis around the U.S. Open. And then there was that trip to Italy—she had a craving, so I delivered her to Venice.”

Alexis Ohanian once took his wife, Serena Williams, to Italy just because she had a craving to eat Italian. [Credit: Alexis Ohanian]

I get it; these are pretty extravagant gestures. But I think if you were to ask my wife, or many other people in relationships, it’s often the simpler things that are the most important,” he writes for Glamour.

Alexis is the co-founder of REDDIT and he credits his style of loving to his parents, both of whom set the template for the kind of love he puts to practice with his wife.

Alexis, Olympia Ohanian and Serena Williams – one little happy family [Credit: Essence]

Alongside prioritizing the little things and going big for your partner when you can, Alexis adds that as a partner who really hopes to play their part in their relationship, “you have to show up. You have to be supportive.

“These are the things that matter,” he emphasizes in the piece published as part of Glamour’s Valentine’s day celebration.

While the big things, the grand displays of love and affection will always make it to the gram and get people tagging them ‘relationship goals,’ ‘cute’ and ‘adorbs,’ the real scoop on going big for Serena would never go viral – a Sunday tradition that does not cost much but helps maintain the bond and super connection in their relationship.

Alexis Ohanian and Serena Williams [Credit DevianArt]

“When I was growing up, my dad would make pancakes every Sunday. They were delicious, but it wasn’t just about the food. It was about being together,” adds Alexis.

“ So on Sunday mornings I make breakfast for the family and it doesn’t cost me a thing, except for gluten-free flour (I had to modify Dad’s recipe a bit), some eggs, almond milk, a secret ingredient, and berries (Olympia loves raspberries).

“There are no phones, just conversation. And we’ll spend the day together lounging around the house, or playing hide-and-seek, or going for a swim in the pool. Just being a family on those days means so much to both of us—more than a billboard, a video montage, or a whirlwind trip to Italy.”

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