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Evil Spirits Hindering Good Governance In Ghana – Duncan Williams

The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International ministry, Nicholas Duncan-Williams has attributed the inability of successive governments to govern properly to the work of evil spirits.

According to him, there is a spiritual dimension to leadership; thus the inability of successive presidents to successfully implement policies.

In a television interview on the Good Evening Ghana programme on Metro TV on Tuesday, the Archbishop said as a spiritual man, he is well aware of this phenomenon and therefore appealed to Ghanaians to pray for presidents so that “we can exorcise them of the spirits.”

He also noted that successive presidents have surrounded themselves with loyalists whom he described as agents of the devil and for that matter have a lot of influence on them.

Citing the Bible, Archbishop Duncan Williams said the only way the country can move forward and be released from the grip of satan is through prayers.

“The bible says that remove the evil man from the presence of the king and his throne shall be established. [The evil man] is an obstruction. He’s positioned there to make sure that the king won’t respond to wisdom and to counsel and to make sure that satan’s plan and satan’s agenda to hold the people in bondage and to impoverish the nation and to cause the masses to suffer continues. He will block and make sure that anybody who can help the president to succeed and to do right will be blocked out of the way and have those who have nothing to offer and will undermine his vision to be around.

“And most at times it’s the loyalist. And you cant also blame them because when they were in opposition and nobody was interested in them and nobody wanted to deal with them, it was these very people who were around them, took bullets for them, went to all extent to be there for them…and so when they come into office, whether these people have capacity or not, they depend on them. So it doesn’t matter what capacity you have and what you have to offer, because you weren’t there when they were struggling, they depend on these people and these people too wont allow any new person to come in because where were you when they were suffering.

“There are negative currents and negative energy that influence things so that the good that must be done is never done. And that is the reason why we have all these mineral resources, everything and yet we are marking time, we are not moving forward. We need leaders who will submit to the power of God to give them the courage necessary to take certain actions and decisions even if it will make them unpopular to help rescue and pull the nation out of the hand of the enemy,” he said.


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