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I Never Dreamed Of Writing YOLO. Up Close & Personal With Selassie Yao

Selassie Yao in the middle of the picture with Drogba.

YOLO, a Ghanaian Teenage TV series which is a sequel of the popular “Things We Do for Love” aired in some years ago. The show serves as a medium to advise and directs the youths concerning the challenges they face in their sexuality. YOLO is produced and directed by Ivan Quashigah.


The Yolo TV Series is one of the most loved teenage television series across Africa. With its long run, Season 5 was launched somewhere middle of May, 2019 introducing some new characters and roles including a new scriptwriter; Yao Selasie.


Selassie Yao is a Ghanaian scriptwriter, producer and director. He enjoys football and a Real Madrid fan. He started schooling at Dora Memorial primary, then KNUST for Junior High Education, Mawuli School came calling for Senior High, then Valley View University for BA Human Resource. He continued to NAFTI to pursue a course in Film Directing.

“I started writing stories in Junior High but I took it to the next level in Mawuli School where I completed my first three screenplays in my three years in high school”.

“However, because my parents didn’t see film making as a viable venture I had to take a detour and study business administration but I stayed true to my calling and continued writing and a year after my National Service I enrolled at the National Film and Television Institute where I acquired a certificate in film directing”.

“It wasn’t an easy journey. Especially when after school most of your colleagues are gainfully employed and you are still pursuing your passion, with no guarantee whatsoever that it was going to work out. Self-belief and the willingness to beat the odds kept me going, nonetheless” he said.


I have worked on several films and T.V. series which are in various stages of development. The only one out so far is the Season 5 of YOLO.

I never dreamed of being the writer of YOLO, all I wanted was for someone to look at the scripts that I had written over the years and see how good I was and even if they would not buy it at least give me a chance to write for them.

Writing YOLO was such an amazing experience especially creating the new characters. My biggest headache was if people would warm up to them as they did the existing ones and so far so good. The audience has not only warmed up to them, but they are also in love with them.

Anytime I go on social media and see people’s comment or talk about the direction of the story, as well as the characters especially the new ones, I become elated.


My greatest satisfaction is to see the audience fall in love with my stories as well as the characters in them. However, I am looking forward to sweeping a few awards soon because that’s also a testament that you’ve done a good job.


Currently, I’m working with Ivan Quashigah of Farmhouse Productions. I have also worked with Emmanuel Apea of Revele Films, the producer of Home Sweet Home.

I worked briefly with Eddie Seddoh, the producer of XOXO and Sadia. He wrote Things We Do For Love and YOLO Season 1 to 4.


I want to be known as a filmmaker not only in Ghana but also worldwide, and I want to work on the international stage and see my projects watched globally.

Don’t be surprised if you see me, yes me Elorm in the next episodes of YOLO…Hehehe… Keeping watching YOLO and remember, You Only Live Once, live a Good Life.


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