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Kurl Songx Hot After Stating That He Is Ready To Ditch Kaywa’s Record Label

Kurl Songx

Ghanaian singer, who is a signee on the Highly Spiritual record label, which is owned by veteran Ghanaian music producer, Kaywa, has landed himself in hot soup after he stated that he is not getting enough push from the label.

The “Jennifer Lomotey” singer was speaking on Hitz FM, where he was asked why he is not among the popular Ghanaian 4 K musicians, that’s Kuami Eugene, KiDi, King Promise and Kwesi Arthur.

Replying this he said “ honestly I am not happy about it … we are all talented it just that probably somebody is getting the right push and the other is not getting the right push but I believe that we all do great music ” heard him say.

Speaking about how and why he is not getting the right push, Kurl Songx mentioned that it has to do with managerial issues because as an artiste, all he needs to do is to record good songs and he has been doing just that.


The singer emphasized that his record label has about six other acts and that is a challenge in keeping all of them active by just one manager, therefore, he wouldn’t mind to ditch the record label if he will get a new helper.

His comment quickly sparked a hot debate among the panellists on the show, after he was asked what he needs and he said he wants an investor to take him to the next level.

Kurl’s comment loudly suggested that he is not getting as expected from Kaywa. Upon this being brought to his notice that it could also mean he is being ungrateful, the singer had a back and forth with the panel as he attempts to clear himself, saying that he didn’t mean it that way.

Mark Okraku Mantey, Programmes Manager of Hitz FM, quickly called into the show, to do some damage control, warning that the discussion could lead to a split between the singer and his manager.

Feeling remorseful, the “Feeling” singer reiterated that Kaywa has been very good to him and instrumental in his career, therefore, he is not looking forward to part ways with him but will only be glad if others can join forces with him to push his career.

Source: Pulse Ghana
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