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Make-Up Can’t Deform Your Face – Linda Vidzro

Linda Vidzro

Linda Vidzro, an award-winning Ghanaian make-up artist, has debunked claims that wearing make-up can deform the faces of beautiful women.

Speaking in an interview with NEWS-ONE, she pointed out that make-up is rather helping women to be confident by covering their problems on their faces.

Linda‒ who spoke generally on the make-up artistry, including her recent award at the recent 2019 Ghana Make-up Awards, among others‒ also believes if a woman can’t step out without wearing make-up, then she is not confident.

Below is the entire interview:

Congratulations on your win at the 2019 Ghana Make-Up Awards. What does the win mean to you?

It shows me that my dynamic artistry is well appreciated.

You won for editorial make-up. What’s editorial make-up all about?

Editorial make-up is the type of make-up that is usually not worn every day and used for magazine spreads and runway. This type of make-up has to interpret fashion and provide a look that will help to achieve the image a client, brand, photographer or art director requires.

Many people know you by the brand name Blackcherrygh? Can you tell us more about yourself?

My name is Linda, I’m a Fante. I am married with a beautiful daughter.


I attended Apam Senior High, AUCC and FC Beauty College.

How long have you been in the make-up artistry?

Six years

Why is it necessary to do make-up?

Make-up serves as a barrier for the skin against harmful sun rays and pollution in the air. It’s important to wear suitable make-up for your skin, though. Not just any make-up because some are harmful.

What do you love most about make-up?

I love the fact that I am able to express my fantasies with make-up. I love everything about make-up.

What’s beauty for you?

Beauty, for me, is a woman with a lot of confidence in her looks. It is beautiful to see a woman love herself with all her flaws.

How different was the industry when you started?

The industry had very few known names; it wasn’t so big on social media.

What has been the biggest challenge of your career?

Social media. I can’t keep up with all the new stuff!!

Does everyone look better with make-up?

Almost everyone does, except those who wear it excessively.

What do you say to claims that make-up is rather deforming the faces of women since some can’t step out without wearing make-up?

It’s not make-up that is deforming their faces. Some women wear make-up because they have problems (not deformity) on their faces they want to cover up. If a woman can’t step out without make-up, it simply means she is not confident without it.

What three make-up items should no woman leave home without?

Sunscreen, press powder, lipstick/gloss.

How do you deal with the problem of fake make-up products?

Personally, I don’t buy make-up from Makola because that is where the kings/queens of fakes are.

How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other make-up artists?

My signature look is subtle and more of beauty enhanced than a cake face makeover. I am able to work with mature and very honourable women because mostly they like their makeover subtle and classy. What sets me apart from other make-up artists is, I am a professional cosmetologist, I understand the skin anatomy and so I give my clients more than just a makeover, I offer skincare services too.

What is your brand philosophy?

Every woman is beautifully made with their individual uniqueness.

What advice can you give to prospective students thinking about an education and career in make-up artistry?

Make sure to get a professional training on it, and be unique in everything you do.

Source: Daily Guide

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