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No, Kim Kardashian Didn’t Free 17 Inmates, These Women Did

Attorneys Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody both left six figure jobs to work on criminal justice reform. Kim donated money to help with their efforts

The headline splashed across nearly every news publication “Kim Kardashian Quietly Frees 17 Inmates”.  Not only was the headline disingenuous, it was untrue.

What Kim did do was donate money to already years long efforts of attorneys Brittany K. Barnett and MiAngel Cody.

The two women, both powerhouse attorneys, met at a Washington DC conference on criminal justice.

MiAngel Cody says the two women “just clicked because we reject traditional and often misogynoir notions of what lawyering must be.”

Shortly after meeting, the two women launched their “90 Days of Freedom Campaign”.

Cody says it all started with a dare. “We literally texted each other one night and said ‘let’s see how many lives we can save in 90 days. No seed funding, no PR, no press, nothing. Many days we couldn’t celebrate one win because we immediately had to turn to the next client buried alive (in the criminal justice system).”

Cody told Wonder Wombman both she and Barnett lived with suits in their cars, going around arguing motions. Cody says they sustained their spirits each week by picking a phrase or meditation to keep themselves going.

Both Barnett and Cody left six figure jobs as attorneys and  wiped our their savings accounts to commit their lives to criminal justice reform.

The two women, individually were forces to be reckoned with. But, together, they have tackled one of the biggest issues facing black people in America.  As a testament to their work, this powerhouse duo has freed dozens of men and women, reuniting them with their families though the Decarceration Collective and  Buried Alive Project –giving them the opportunity to lead productive lives.

As such, Brittany (understandably) didn’t take kindly to media reports giving the celebrity full credit for her and Cody’s work.

Barnett took to Facebook to set the record straight on Karsahian’s role and in the process, while  highlighting  some of the struggles of black non-profits face when soliciting funding.

She wrote:

Barnett told TMZ, the failure to mention the work of Barnett and Cody was the fault of the media, not Kim Kardashian who has always been clear in her role and has used her platform to helped elevate the stories of the people they are helping.

We commend Barnett  and Cody for their work and for standing in authority to claim their work as their own. You are Wonder Wombmen.

Source: Wonder Wombman

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