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Pregnancy Does Not Keep A Man – Single Mom Advises

Ghanaian entrepreneur and thriving single mother, Naomi Odonkor, has advised women against getting pregnant intentionally for a man just to hold him down.

In an interview with Mercy Bee the Ekumfi Princess on eTV Ghana’s ladies’ talk show ‘Girl Vibes’, she stated from experience that pregnancy does not keep a man if he does not want to be kept, hence women should be careful not to make that mistake as it is not a good idea.

Naomi emphasized on the fact that, “When you’re pregnant and the man says no, it’s no. He wouldn’t accept it. Even if he accepts it, he will not be in your life. He will be in the child’s life and not in your life”.

Although she said her pregnancy was unplanned and her motive was not to keep the man with the baby, it seems it would not have worked if that was her plan because she ended up as a single mother anyway.

The experienced single mother again noted that abortion is not the best resort in dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, and the only understandable reason for one to live with self pity is when they take responsibility for their children even when the man doesn’t, rather than having an abortion.

Source: E TV Ghana
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