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R. Kelly Ordered To Stop Using Studio As Residence

Kelly, 51, has denied all the allegations against him

Beleaguered singer, R. Kelly, has been told by a judge in Chicago to stop using his studio as a residence.

According to a report in Rolling Stone, inspectors discovered 66 building code violations at the recording studio, which appeared to have been turned into living quarters, complete with kitchen, bar room and sauna.

“It looks like people are living there, and that’s not good,” said Cook County judge Patrice Ball-Reed.

“Someone is living there.”

NBC Chicago has photos allegedly taken inside the studio.

The inspectors showed up at the warehouse building on Friday, January 11,2019 after an anonymous tip off that two people were illegally living in the commercial property.

According to court documents obtained by the magazine, the building “originally a photography studio… now consists of a recording studio with bathrooms, sauna room, steam room, bathtubs, kitchen area, bar area, recording rooms, bedrooms, and multiple heating-plant rooms,” all of which violate various city building codes.

Each of the 66 violations punishable with a fine of $500 (£385) to $1,000 (£769) per day.

R. Kelly’s lawyer Melvin Sim has denied anyone is living there, speaking outside the court, he said: “A couch on the premises does not make it a living room”.

R. Kelly is facing allegations of sexual abuse made in a recent documentary series, which he denies.

The singer and his Sony-owned RCA record label have ended their working relationship, US media reported last week.

While other performers including Celine Dion, Lady Gaga and Chance the Rapper have removed their collaborations with R. Kelly from streaming services.


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