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Stop Asking Event Organisers For Favours – Piesie Esther

Piesie Esther

GOSPEL artiste, Piesie Esther, has asked her colleague musicians, especially the females, to stop asking for favours from event organisers when they travel abroad.

This, according to her, will help solve the issue of sexual harassment from event promoters or organisers.

“Sexual harassment is everywhere, in every work place but I believe that it has to do with the way you carry yourself as an artiste.

“I have heard stories of female artistes who go to play shows outside and end up asking for things like hair, food, among others from the promoters.

“I believe that it is only when you do that that the man will feel he can get through to you. But if you go for shows and you pay for everything, you will not wait for your CDs to be bought before you eat, they will also give you the respect you deserve but when you throw yourself at them, they think otherwise,” Piesie Esther told Showbiz.

When asked if she has ever found herself in that situation, Piesie Esther answered, “no, to the glory of God I have not and I am not sure I will but I have had one event organiser in Belgium tell me I am different from the others.

“According to him, he likes how I respect myself and go about my daily routine. For me, I do not wait to sell my songs before I get money; whenever I travel, I make sure I go with enough money so I do not rely on another for help.”

Piesie Esther first came to national attention with her debut Apae Ama Me album in 2002 and followed it up with Mente Asie in 2008 and Ziba Beko in 2011.

She earned nominations in the Gospel Artiste of the Year and Gospel Song of the Year categories at the 2009 Ghana Music Awards.

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