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Suzzy Williams Was Murdered – Mother Says 14 Years After

Suzzy Williams

Fourteen years after the death of actress Suzzy Williams, her mother, Madam Cecilia Williams believes her daughter was murdered.

According to her, events prior to and after the death of her daughter gives her a firm indication that Suzzy did not die through unforeseen circumstances.

A post-mortem report indicated that the actress was bathed in cocaine and alcohol at the time of the fatal motor accident on September 8, 2005.

But in a television interview on Restoration with Stacy, Madam Cecilia discounted the report saying her daughter did not indulge in drugs or alcohol; rather she said the cocaine which was found in her daughter’s system was planted on her.

Holding back tears, she said, “When I got to the hospital [Lister], I saw the girl on the bed. I checked her pulse and her heartbeat and it was ok. So I passed by and I pulled the window down, [I saw a] long fair coloured…, hold the hair from behind with a straw into Suzzy’s nose. That is what I saw and I can never ever forget it. I saw a blue ice chest with a white cover with a syringe containing a white substance. She didn’t smoke. She wasn’t an alcoholic. I believe my daughter was murdered.”

“I went there a year later to confront the doctor and he apologized saying he didn’t know that she was an Ewe. He would have done something about it and that he thought she was one of those Fante girls jumping about,” she added.

She also accused her then boyfriend, Edwin Eastman, of being a negative influence on her daughter.

“I didn’t like the guy. The first day I saw him I didn’t like him. Everything about him I didn’t like it. I didn’t like his smell either. I advised her many times but she got angry,” she said.

According to Madam Cecilia, she had a dream a day before Suzzy had the accident.

“I came back from the market and I dozed off and I saw the scene of an accident. I woke up and called my husband and told him there was going to be an accident but he brushed it off. Suzzy came home earlier and was looking for her birth certificate. I tried to tell her about the dream but she wouldn’t listen. I told Suzzy you are not looking for birth certificates but you are looking for a death certificate. This guy will kill you. She took off with anger and that was the end. In the midnight, exactly 12 hours, it happened,” she narrated.

Describing Suzzy as “a very nice beautiful girl growing up with a lot of life”, Madam Cecilia recalled how Suzzy wanted to be a soldier but decided to go into acting for three years.


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