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The Dangers Of Wearing Flip-Flops And How To Avoid Them

There are so many women that love flip-flops. It is easy to understand why. They are really easy to put on, they keep feet cool and they are available in hundreds of styles and colors. It is close to impossible not to find some flip-flops that you will love. These can be chic and casual at the same time, friendly and a lot of fun.

The problem is that they are often very bad for feet. You will see flip-flops added to any shoe style guide out there but what few people tell you is that there are tens of thousands of injuries that are associated with flip-flops in one way or another. Obviously, flip-flops are much better than wearing nothing at all but the protection you get is not much. There is no heel or arch support so you do want to think about the following things if you want to wear them.

Never Drive With Flip-Flops
Some women say this is comfortable but the truth is we are talking about backless shoes. There is always the chance that flip-flops just slip off. This makes them get stuck under your gas or brake pedal. Obviously, this can actually cause an accident.

When you drive you need to wear some shoes that are secure and sturdy. You might already know that driving in stilettos is not comfortable for most women but it is not recommended. The same thing goes for flip-flops. You shouldn’t even wear sandals when driving.

Activity Level Counts
Wearing flip-flops is wonderful, if you do not wear them for a long time. This is especially the case in the event they do not have cushioned sole and arch support. You can wear flip-flops around swimming pools or at the beach. Take them with you on shorter tips or when you go to the gym but never wear them when you walk a long distance, hike, stand for a long time, run or play some sports. Sandals are much better, even if they also do not offer the necessary support you get, especially with sports like running.

Cost Counts
Nobody likes overspending and there is this belief that it does not matter when you buy flip-flops since they are all the same. What you should know is that, just as with those great stilettos you love, some flip-flops are truly worth the higher investment.

Generally speaking, the more money you will spend on shoes, the higher the possibility you will get much better arch support. Flip-flops are not expensive and you can find some that are really great even when looking at the higher-end models. Spend the extra money and your comfort will be much higher.

Take Care Of Your Feet
Last is for european/caucasian/white be sure your feet are pampered, moisturized and clean. You want to apply sunscreen and basically properly take care of feet when wearing flip-flops. This is mainly because you are exposed to dirt, water and sun. This combo can lead to so many problems you just do not want to face.

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