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Trend Alert: Denim Underwear Is A Thing Now, It Costs $300 And They’re Sold-Out

They have been dubbed as “Janties” and is the latest viral fashion statement. It costs a pretty penny, too. What’s more is this piece of item has found many takers.

Fashion is constantly evolving and every day there’s something new available that everyone wants to lay their hands on because that’s the “in thing” right now. The latest trend to have taken over social media completely is a pair of denim panties, known as Janties, and they look rather uncomfortable. For something this uncomfortable to even look at, they’ve been priced at $300 per pair.  Y/Project, a Paris-based brand has come up with a new trend. They are being sold by Canadian retailer SSenseand it’s something people don’t know how to react to. Denim has always been a popular clothing item, be it jeans or jackets, but this is the first time denim’s been turned to underwear and honestly, even the softest pair of undies can get uncomfortable at times. What are these ‘janties’ going to feel like?

According to Vogue, a gynecologist named  Rebecca C. Brightman, M.D. said, “It’s an interesting underwear concept, but the heavy fabric would cause chafing of the skin of the vulva and panty line as well.” She added, “Pubic hair protects the underlying skin and also serves as a buffer against irritants. Without pubic hair, or with excessive grooming, that buffer is lost and would likely make wearing denim panties a bit uncomfortable.”

Social media had a field day with the announcement of this new fashion style. Here’s what people had to say. A user named Charlie_bird2006 wrote, “This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen in my life” while another called trainer.tells sarcastically mentioned, “Chafing is great.”  ahmad_nyc chimed in, “Wow these are just horrible.” jennewles tagged their friend suggesting they buy it, and said,  “@mkuchma I think you need to add these to your denim collection! Lol Apparently you can wear them over OR under pants?”


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