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Woman Shocked After Creating Fake Account To Test Boyfriend’s Fidelity

Nurse Akosuah May

A woman who created a fake online account to chat up her own boyfriend anonymously was shocked when he responded that his girlfriend had died.

Nurse Akosuah May, from Accra in Ghana, tweeted her dismay and racked up over 152.9K likes.

‘I created a fake account and started chatting my boyfriend, he told me his girlfriend just died two months ago,’ she wrote on Twitter.

But instead of giving sympathy, many people were quick to let the woman know that she shouldn’t have lied herself.

Another person said that ‘catfishing your own partner already shows a lack of trust in the relationship,’ adding that the situation was ‘pretty messed up on both sides.’

Attempting to look on the bright side, a man responded to the woman’s tweet saying: ‘Thank God he acknowledged you to an extent. Some will say they don’t have at all.’

‘Wait so is he wrong for cheating or is she crazy for baiting her own man into cheating?’ asked another.

Some people even suggested that the situation might be even more complex, involving another woman.

‘Plot twist: maybe he wasn’t talking about you,’ wrote Steven Igbowke.

Another user called Cessa tweeted: ‘Well, maybe she died two months ago, how are you so sure he’s referring to you.’

Source: Daily mail

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