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I77 Deaths, 519 Injuries Recorded In The Last Quarter Of 2019 – IPEG Reveals

The Institute for Peace and Governance (IPEG) has revealed that I77 deaths with 519 injuries were recorded between October and December of 2019 alone.

In a Peace and Security Index (PSI) released by the Institute on Wednesday, 40.7% of the deaths were due to road accidents, making it the highest cause of reported deaths in the last quarter of 2019.

A breakdown of the causes of the 177 deaths recorded;

Road accidents – 72

Disaster – 41

Murder and Suicide – 32

Armed robbery – 14

Chieftaincy violence – 6

Health – 4

Oil and Gas mining – 3

Youth violence – 2

Violence against Children – 2

Drug abuse – 1

Again, road accidents recorded a large proportion of the reported injuries documented in the last three months of last year with 48.4%.

Detailing the cause of all reported injuries;

Road accidents – 251

Health-related violence – 180

Disaster – 31

Armed robbery – 29

Politically motivated violence – 9

Chieftaincy violence – 8

Demonstrations – 3

Violence against Children – 3

Oil and Gas mining – 3

Murder and Suicide – 2

Youth violence – 1

Although road accidents were ranked the fifth highest security and threat incident case recorded in the fourth quarter of 2019 with 24 cases, it cautioned that road safety policies be established and implemented to avert further occurrences.

IPEG further revealed that 227 human security incidents and threats were recorded which had was 51 cases more than that of 2018 in the same period.

A breakdown of the security threats indicated that 88, 70 and 69 incidents were recorded in October, November, and December respectively.

The Greater Accra region topped with 55 incidents being the most volatile region, followed by Eastern and Central Regions with 41 and 28 incidents.

“The Eastern and Central Regions observed an upsurge in their incidents for the period, overtaking Ashanti Region which has dropped to fourth,” the report read.

Ahafo and Oti Regions were the most peaceful region of the quarter with a record score of two each.

The report then recommended that government ensures that the various agencies deal with issues concerning the thematic areas particularly violence against children.

It also appealed to the Ghana Police Service to increase its security patrols on the major highways in order to reduce the increasing numbers of armed robberies.



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