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Kokovena Mountain And Hundred Percent Prayer Rocks Are Latent

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words. The picturesque Kokovena Mountain, with its rocks sitting on each other and the Hundred Percent Answered Prayer Rock needed to be seen rather than described.

These latent creations of nature are beauties to behold.

The Kokovena Mountain and Hundred Percent Answered Prayer Rock, came to the limelight, during the commissioning and handing over ceremony of the Airport Golf City Police Station built by Adonai Group of Companies.

Rev. Bright Charis Adonai, Chief Executive Officer of the Company said in his welcome address that his Company had plans to develop the latent tourist attractions, which he described as awesome.

On New Year’s Day the GNA took a hike on the Mountain and had that thrilling experience.

The Kokovena Mountain and Hundred Percent Answered Prayer Rock are located west of Adaklu Wayanu, on the Ho-Aflao road.
It is a few kilometers from Ho, the Volta Regional capital.

GNA’s first point of call was the Airport Golf City Restaurant, where the indefatigable Rev. Adonai, welcomed the GNA.
He told said in a chat that his company had used a grader to construct an access road from the Wayanu community to the sites.

Rev. Adonai said though the place was yet to be developed, plans were at foot to take patrons of Christmas and New Year revelers to the Restaurant, which is at the entrance of the Airport Golf City to behold the beauty of the two tourist sites.

The CEO said the sites if developed can create job opportunities for the youth and also generate income for the development of the area.

He said plans were advanced to develop and transform them into one of the most beautiful tourist attractions with a resort.

Rev. Adonai said the sites were near the enclave of the Adonai Airport Golf City which he described as “A City within a City.”

The Airport Golf City currently has facilities such as a Police Station, restaurant and a Golf course, which Rev. Adonai said was the biggest in the Volta region, if not the whole country.

He said there were plans to build a modern market, shopping mall and recreational facilities among others in the City.
Mr Dele Sabawale, a Nigerian Journalist once wrote that “whoever said one tree does not make a forest has not experienced a human tree big enough.

He wrote that if Dangote alone had transformed a village, which is now bustling with life 24/7, then it is possible for a tree to make a forest.

Rev. Adonai can be described as one such big tree if his plans for the two latent tourist sites, the Airport Gulf City and other development programmes are to be used as a yardstick.

Rev. Adonai asked Mr. Martin Zigah, who served as a Tour Guide to take the GNA to the site on his motorbike, where he stopped the bike on the foot of the Mountain and the climbing started.

Reaching the summit of the mountain, GNA stood ‘open-mouthed’ after seeing how the rocks were naturally pre-arranged, sitting on each other and said Rev. Adonai was right in his description.

Mr. Zigah told the GNA that though the place was yet to be fully developed the patronage was marvelous.

The summit of the Hundred Percent Answered Prayer Rock is flat, wide and smooth and conducive for prayers and other religious activities.

A man who identified himself only as Francis told the GNA that he got his financial breakthrough after praying on the rock for a week.

A lady who chose to remain anonymous, also told the GNA that she fasted and prayed consistently for a month and God cured her bareness and blessed her with a child.

Should the development plans of the Adonai Group of Companies for these sites materialise then another “giant tourist attraction” will emerge in the region.

Some of the known tourist attractions in the Volta region include; Wli waterfalls, Afadzato, Tafi Atome Monkey Sanctuary, Mount Gemi, Ote Falls, Kalakpa Nature Resource, Tafi Abuife Kente Village, Fort Prinzestien and Cape Paul Lighthouse.


By Emmanuel Nyatsikor

Source: GNA

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