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Needed Provisions And Sanitary Pads Sold In A Koforidua Taxi

Passengers who join the taxi of Mr Kwabena Plassey in Koforidua can enjoy extra service of buying their provisions that they forgot to buy at the market- yes, right in the taxi, as the journey proceeds.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency in an interview, Mr Plassey said he decided to sell the provisions in his taxi to help meet the needs of his passengers.

He said quite often some of the passengers join the taxi before they remember that they have forgotten to buy some needed items for their home.

Mr Plassey said often when he is driving, passengers, who forget to buy some items at the market, make the request for the taxi to briefly stop in front of shops along the road to buy some needed items.

And this is done to the discomfort of other passengers in the taxi, he said.

Mr Plassey said he decided to sell the most requested provisions in his taxi so that he would not have to stop for passengers to buy items along the road.

He said now, passengers can buy sachet and bottled water, soft drinks, biscuits, sweets, tooth pastes, tooth brushes, pampers and sanitary pads right in the taxi as they drive along.

Mr Plassey said the neatly displayed stock in the taxi is determined by the request of his passengers.

He said he started the business about four months ago and his passengers do enjoy the services that he is offering and readily pay their fare as well.

Source: GNA

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