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Photo Report: Kum Yen Preko Demo, The Cries Behind The Placards

The Coalition for Social Justice (CSJ), a political pressure group, on Tuesday 9th July, staged a demonstration over  economic hardship, oppression and insecurity in Ghana.

The demonstration dubbed: “Kum Yen Preko”, the demonstrators marched through principal streets of Accra holding placards with various inscriptions. Below are the cries behind the placards

A protester holding one of the placard, reading the inscription on it to decide which one to choose




A protester blocking the vehicles in the middle of the road while a police man beg him to give way for the vehicles to move


A huge number of protesters gathering at Kwame Nkrumah Circle to begin demonstration
These Kayayei also join the demonstration



Two young men dressed as women protesting


A protester sitting on the road holding placard with inscription


Photo Credit: Francis Quasie

Classic Ghana

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