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What I Learnt From Being A Slay Queen – Former Miss Malaika winner

Former Miss Malaika winner, Hamamat Montia has shed light on her lifestyle as a slay queen after being crowned a beauty queen in 2006.

The self-confessed former slay queen in two posts on Instagram recalled she had so much fun and learnt countless important lessons but stressed that not all slay queens “sleep around”. She added that some are just very smart at keeping men on the hunt for long.

Hamamat also stated that the most important goal of every slay queen is to land a man who will take care of all her needs.

Hamamat posted: “Name the country – I have been there. Name the fashion – I wore it. Name the lifestyle – I have tried it.

“In fact, my summer car choices was between a Ferrari & a Rolls Royce but this also taught me a valuable lesson. As a slay Queen – your most important goal is to catch a “big fish “ one that will take care of all your wants, needs & dreams”.

She said she indeed landed her big fish but soon realised that money wasn’t her goal in life.

The 2007 Model of Africa Universe said that period of her life taught her some important lessons.

In another post, she stated that the number one rule for every top slay queen to remember is that,”NOTHING FOR FREE??”

“Nothing is for free. Not the dinners. Not the cars. Not the clothes. Not the experiences. Not even the selfies you take in the hotels are for free.

“The whole idea of “slay” isn’t just how beautiful you look but how smart you “Slay” your prey without getting caught. I was a slayer – I was very good at getting what I want and before they could even say the word “open “ – I vanished!.

“I thought I was super smart – it worked well for me and was exciting but after that #bigfish experience I left the game behind and started my own little family – I wanted to focus on LOVE ??”.



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