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Tonto Dikeh Receives Life-Threatening Message

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh shared screenshots of the email on her instagram page and swore to track down the assassin.

In the email, the assassin, who claimed he was contracted to kill the actress because her activities were causing problems for a “particular person”, asked her to wire money into his bitcoin account or face death.

The assassin admitted that he had broken his own rules by contacting her but was willing to give her a chance and also the details of the one who hired him if Tonto Dikeh was willing to pay the money he was requesting.

The assassin’s message reads:

“I advise you to take this message seriously, if you value your life, This is not a joke .

“I’ve been thinking for a long time whether it’s worth sending this message to you and decided that after all you still have the right to know I’ll be short.

“I received an order to kill you, because your activity causes trouble to a particular person.

“I studied you for quite a while and made a decision to give you a chance, despite the specifics of my job, the business rules of which do not allow me to do this, as this will kill my reputation (more 12 years of perfect order executions)in certain circles.

“But I decided to break a rule since this is my last order (at least I do hope so).”

“In general, let’s Break it down. I want you to pay the amount of 0.5 Btc. I accept bitcoin.

“Information on how to go about it, you can find in Google. Here are my payment details:

“When I receive funds, I’ll send you the name of the man the order came from, as well as all the evidence i have.

“You will be able to use them with the police. I would not suggest you to call the police or talk to anyone, because you have a little time (2 days) and the police simply will not have time to investigate.

“I have my eyes on you. You have two days, there will be no period of grace after two days. Answering to this letter doesn’t matter, just do as i have instructed.

“I’ll contact you as soon as i get funds. I really regret that you became my prey.”

A furious Tonto Dikeh stated that she would do everything she can to find the assassin and make him pay for the stress he has put her through.

She wrote:

“This assassin talks way too much…But you can be sure of ONE THING I will get you…@nigerianpolice @aishambuhari

@muhammadubuhari #I promise you this will be your last email #I will get you and make you pay for stressing me by reading this shit….”


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