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When They Are Hungry, I Pray Over Water For Them – Grandma Of Orphan Kids Reveals

A 70-year-old grandmother, Mary Marku is shut-in with the burden of taking care of her three grandchildren.

Narrating her ordeal to crimecheck foundation, Mary Marku said, the boys lost their parents in a car accident six years ago on the Suhum Nkawkaw road.

The boys, 15years, 13years and 6years have had to sacrifice their childhood in the fight to survive.

“ After the accident, I had to step in as their mother and  father to take care of them, in the process I lost  everything; my house  caught  fire, it has not been easy, most times we all sleep on empty stomach” she said amid tears.

According to her, she and her three grandchildren had to live in an unroofed container for six years while depending on the benevolence of individuals until one day a school teacher roofed an uncompleted house left by her son for them.

Explaining further, Mary said, she credits foodstuff to feed the boys adding that ” I have credited foodstuff to the extent that foodstuff vendors now run away from her in the area’.

The boys are forced to fast not because they want to but that is the only option for them to keep surviving.

“Most times they refuse to sell to us on credit and in times like that, we fetch water, pray over it and drink but on good days, I buy 1cedi banku and divide it into four so we all share” she said.

The 70-year-old grandmother said, she wish she could do better for her grandchildren but her strength and health has failed her.

“These boys go to school on empty stomach and return home to no food; they sometimes stay home for weeks because there is no money for books and other stationeries “she said.

The health and growth impaired condition this situation exposes these boys to is unimaginable but   there is nothing Mary can do about it.

When asked if she would give any of the boys out for adoption, she said” we all do not know what God might have blessed Ghana with through these boys, I will gladly permit anyone who wants to help raise these boys”

Crimecheck Foundation is pleading with the general public and all open-handed individuals to assist.


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